CALTA Junior Recognition Program

As stated in the CALTA Charter, CALTA's mission (article IV)
includes: "to identify junior women's tennis needs in the Charleston Area
 and to apply CALTA's available resources in support of them." 
At the annual captains' meeting on March 26, 2001,
the captains approved the establishment of a community service program
 that would provide funds for promising junior women.
To date the program has disbursed over $146,000.


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 The CALTA Junior Recognition Program is intended to recognize

sportsmanship, leadership and dedication to the game of tennis.  

       In September 2018, the CALTA Junior Recognition Committee will send
application packages to local school tennis coaches and club professionals
and the nomination form will be available here.
The deadline to submit nominations will be October 15, 2018.  

At its November 2017 meeting, the Board reviewed the nominations
for the 2017 program and recognized the following junior girls (listed alphabetically):

Eden Abney       Maggie Allen       Asia Amerson    Alex Balog
Aliyah Bell     Elle Bredemann     Arianna Brim      Sophia Broomall 
    Piper Brown   Eleanor Campbell     Gianna Cannonie    Edie Clay      

Laila Clay      Mattie Grace Dermody    Reagan Donley
Sophia Easterbrook        Emily Elliott         Clare Engelbert   

Libby Engelbert      Madison Gadson   Catie Gill     Allie Gretkowski 
   Rachel Henry      Gigi Hinson    Izzie Johnson     Ana-Lei Kalawei   
Natasha Kavarana     Katherine Lyman      Ava Martin      Becca Martin
   Laurel Maynor     Hannah McKee      Molly McManus     Sabrina Moore
     Isabella Nava    Abigail Oberman      Anna Ogiba     Olivia Park
    Maddie Picard      Bailey Roberts      Ellie Rogers      Perrin Rogers 
        Mia Sadler      Mina Schaafsma       Katelyn Schmedeke
    Megan Schmedeke      Aileen Shi      Lila Small     Ducky Steward  
Eliza Valero      Amelia Whirret       Sophie Williams
         Suzie Wilson      Sally Clark Wimberly     Ellory Woods     Dylan Zoeller

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