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Welcome to the Home Page of  the

Charleston  Area  Ladies'  Tennis  Association

CALTA is a nonprofit 501(c)(7) volunteer-run organization. 

CALTA's mission is to:  1) promote women's tennis in the Charleston Area; 

2) provide a venue for fair play, good sportsmanship and competitive doubles tennis at different levels of ability;

3) identify junior women's tennis needs in the Charleston Area and apply CALTA's

available resources in support of them. (CALTA Charter, art. IV)

CALTA is the successor to Charleston City League,
which had its unofficial start in 1973.

(Click on CALTA Charter for more on CALTA's history.)

As stated in Section II of the CALTA Charter, an individual participates in CALTA
through membership on a team -- and is registered as a member by her team captain. 
An individual interested in joining CALTA should inquire with her local tennis center.
A member can play on only one team in CALTA.

CALTA's 2013-2014 season ended on May 13 with a luncheon
attended by 530 of our 986 members!
At the luncheon, awards were presented to the winning teams in each division
(see list at bottom of this page)
and the fundraiser was a great success! 
Fundraiser tickets totaling $9,400 were purchased at the luncheon --
ALL of which goes to CALTA's Junior Recognition Program. 
With the additional $2,000 that is donated annually from membership dues,
CALTA's 2014 Junior Program will be able to
once again recognize many young ladies in the Charleston Area.
Thank you to everyone who donated items (there were over 120 to choose from!)
and who purchased tickets at the luncheon. 

Click here to see the photo album of our 2014 luncheon.


spinning tennis ballspinning tennis ballspinning tennis ball2014-2015 SEASONspinning tennis ballspinning tennis ballspinning tennis ball

55 teams from 21 tennis centers are registered for CALTA's 2014-2015 season.

Rosters for 2014-2015 should now be submitted.
Captains, click here to use your division's Roster Input Form  to submit your roster
and subsequently to make member additions or to change captain information.
At least eight members must be listed --
and all dues received by the CALTA Treasurer -- before the season starts
(August 19 for Division 1,  August 26 for Divisions 2, 3, 4, 5).
Members can be added any time during the season. 

The annual dues for 2014-2015 remain at $35.

Participating Tennis Centers 2014-2015 (includes driving directions)
This link also contains information on the type of courts --
hard or clay -- and whether water is provided.
Captains: Please check that the information
for your tennis center is correct and up-to-date.
Please send any changes to gvglvg@msn.com

2014-2015 Match Schedules

 spinning tennis ballDivision 1        spinning tennis ballDivision 2           spinning tennis ballDivision 3           spinning tennis ballDivision 4          spinning tennis ballDivision 5

spinning tennis ballCALTA Rules

spinning tennis ballCALTA Charter 

Board of Directors         spinning tennis ballDivision Coordinators

spinning tennis ballCaptains' Responsibilities           spinning tennis ballCoordinators' Responsibilities

spinning tennis ballRules Committee

spinning tennis ballFinancial Report
(if you're curious how your annual dues are used!)


Captains / Co-captains 2014-2015

Please note that these are not yet final.
Captains, please review and send any additions or changes to gvglvg@msn.com

spinning tennis ballDivision 1            spinning tennis ballDivision 2         spinning tennis ballDivision 3           spinning tennis ballDivision 4        spinning tennis ballDivision 5


Team Rosters 2014-2015

Captains, please submit your rosters as soon as possible.
Rosters will be posted here by end of day when submitted.

spinning tennis ballDivision 1        spinning tennis ballDivision 2           spinning tennis ballDivision 3           spinning tennis ballDivision 4        spinning tennis ballDivision 5

Dues for a team's initial roster must be received
by the CALTA Treasurer prior to a team's first match in August.
Additions or changes to rosters can be made by the team captain at any time during the season
either by submitting a Roster Input Form or by sending an e-mail to
When adding a player, dues checks for new players should be mailed immediately to the CALTA Treasurer
with a note clearly indicating the player's name, division/team and captain name.

The annual dues for 2014-2015 remain at $35.
Dues are not transferable from one player to another -- but, if a player

transfers to another team, she does not have to pay dues again.
For the rule governing transfer of players between teams, see Rule II.
Captains, when you submit a request to add to your team a player who is transferring
from another team, please indicate the team the player is transferring FROM.


2014-2015 Score Sheets

These will also be e-mailed to all captains and co-captains
in PDF format since these may not print on one page from some browsers.

  spinning tennis ballDivision 1        spinning tennis ballDivision 2           spinning tennis ballDivision 3           spinning tennis ballDivision 4        spinning tennis ballDivision 5



Junior Recognition Program

At its November meeting, the Board reviewed the nominees
for CALTA's 2013 Junior Recognition Program -- and
gave awards to 53 junior girls.

Click here for information on the program
and the names of the 2013 recipients.

Nomination forms for the 2014 program
will be available here in September.



2014-2015 Division Results
As indicated in the "Captains' Responsibilities" page in the CALTA website ...
Immediately after a match, the home captain (or her designated representative)
 should e-mail to her coordinator the Total Points (0 through 4)
for both teams -- and she should also immediately send to her coordinator
 a copy of the score sheet, using one of the methods
indicated on the division's score sheet
The total points earned by each team will be posted on
these Division Results pages as soon as received.

 spinning tennis ball
Division 1          spinning tennis ballDivision 2         spinning tennis ballDivision 3         spinning tennis ballDivision 4         spinning tennis ballDivision 5    


Congratulations to the 2013-2014 winning teams:

Division 1
1st - St. Andrews (STA) - captain: Keaton Mims
2nd - Live-To-Play 1 (LTP1) - captain: Donna Shoaf
3rd - Mt. Pleasant Rec (MPR) - Zal Maharaj

Division 2

1st - Citadel (CIT) - captain: Kat Phillips
2nd - Snee Farm (SNF) - captain: Penny Kiggans
3rd - St. Andrews (STA) - Diana Cignavitch
Honorable Mention - Seabrook (SBK) - captain: Linda Sivert

Division 3
1st - Maybank (MAY) - captain: Sandy Andrews
2nd - Citadel (CIT) - captain: Judy Dosher
3rd - Kiawah (KWH) - captain: Carole Davie

Division 4
1st - Maybank (MAY) - captain: April Stokes
2nd - St. Andrews (STA) - captain: Ann Rodgers
3rd - Legend Oaks (LEG) - captain: Lisa Diedrick

Division 5
1st - Farmfield 1 (CTC1) - captain: Janet Rose
2nd - Farmfield 2 (CTC2) - captain: Janet Mendola
3rd - Pine Forest (PNF) - captain: Mary Lund



Annual Meeting
The 2013 annual meeting was held on January 17 at the Country Club of Charleston.
Click here to view the minutes from the 2013 annual meeting.

Click the links below for the minutes of prior years' meetings. 
There was no meeting in 2012 or 2014


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CALTA Watch Instructions . . . .                                                                            
At the end of our 2009-2010 season, every member received a CALTA clip-on digital watch.
(No need to wear your good watch to the court or to turn on your phone to check the time!)
In response to a request from some of our members,
here's a link to the watch instructions (including battery change)
that were attached to the box.

click here
Complimentary replacement batteries are available
at the welcome tables at the annual CALTA luncheon.

Useful Links